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Carew Concrete and Supply, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Open Positions

Are you looking for a career change with an energetic and growing company? Carew Concrete is now hiring! All positions are local. If you want to earn a Rock Solid Income, we are looking for you!

Our Values

At Carew Concrete, we have a number of core values that are central to our business model. All of these play a role in the way we run our business and in the end result for you.

Health and Safety

We promote a comprehensive culture of health and safety, both at work and at home. Operating safely and responsibly is the only way we can achieve our vision.


We share in our commitment to each other and our vision. Working together as a family; supporting our individual families, and building an enduring, legacy organization. Having fun.


We aspire to be the best version of ourselves. Together we can achieve superior customer satisfaction and experience, product quality, and operational efficiency.


We lead by example with great attitude, effort and support. We accept responsibility and accountability for ourselves and others in all our actions and commitments.


We strive to make a valued and visible contribution within our organization, industry and community.


We are one team; we have each other’s back. We work together and support each other, celebrating each other’s achievements.


We promote a comprehensive culture of health and safety, both at work and at home. Operating safely and responsibly is the only way we can achieve our vision.

Continuous Improvement

We are always looking for safer and better ways to do things. We encourage new ideas and quickly adapt to change. We celebrate our success and learn from our failure.


We are passionate, ambitious and take great care in what we do. We work together to do our best, delivering superior quality products, with excellent service, customer satisfaction and experience.

Our Code of Conduct

Fairness and Respect

– We treat each other fairly and with respect. Our people are fundamental to our success, including attracting, developing and retaining the best talent at every level.


– We encourage open, honest and professional communication, mindful of how our decisions affect others.


– We empower, trust, support and learn from each other, to promote our core values and vision.

Doing What is Right

– We comply with the law, including company policies, rules and procedures, taking responsibility for our actions and encouraging others to do the same.

Work Ethic

– We work diligently, being willing to accept and adopt new and better ways of working, taking ownership in everything we do, following our core values and code of conduct, with a commitment to fulfill our mission.

Loyalty and Responsibility

– Be a role model by following our Code. Incorporate our Code into our working lives and encourage our colleagues to do the same. Be loyal to each other, our organization, customers and our community. We treat company assets with respect; our equipment and facilities reflect who we are, and we maintain them accordingly. Together we can create a safe, ethical and trustworthy workplace.